The City of Tampa is currently constructing its first separated, green bike lane along Platt Street in South Tampa, which is on schedule to be complete by Friday, March 27, 2015. The design is the first of its kind in Tampa. The new bike lane runs from Armenia Avenue to Bayshore Boulevard, and is separated from vehicle travel lanes. … To view a rendering of the street redesign, please visit “The new buffered, green bike lane is the first of its kind in Tampa although we will be adding a similar design along nearby Cleveland Street soon. My hope is that the new cycling infrastructure can become a model for how we redesign our streets,” said Mayor Bob Buckhorn.  The new bike infrastructure on Platt is part of an overall traffic calming project, which includes the addition of on street parking, roadway resurfacing, and a reduced speed.

The goals of this DKS project include:

  • Improving bicycle access to and from downtown
  • Providing access to business and residents
  • Improving use of pavement and maintaining motor vehicle traffic