We’re looking at the wrong data

Brian Chandler promotes innovative technologies and emerging data sets to improve safety analysis, leading to projects that better address historic inequities and reduce fatal and serious injury collisions. Why are we building safety projects in the wrong locations?

Willamette Falls Legacy Wins ASLA Merit Award for Planning

As a sub consultant to Walker Macy, DKS led the transportation planning and analysis for the rezoning of the Willamette Falls Legacy Project site and established a multimodal mixed-use area (MMA).  As a part of establishing an MMA for the site, DKS evaluated the transportation infrastructure in the study area using a variety of measures to document the deficiencies of the transportation system. The review included safety of the … Read more

Sai Sirandas and Randy Johnson win Award at PTV Conference

This presentation covered how multi-resolution modeling with PTV Vision software was used to support the final design of two BRT systems in a cost-effective manner. Sai and Randy presented two examples that looked at the pros and cons of the methodologies applied, unique design and operational treatments, and various traffic and transit operational performance measures used to evaluate the treatments. The … Read more