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Pavement marking through the lens of colorblind travelers

How do we stripe our roads? How should we stripe our roads? This week we take a look at pavement marking through the lens of colorblind drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

TSMO Implementation in Washington State

DKS assists WSDOT in creating their TSMO Program through the National Operations Center of Excellence

ODOT shares Bend Parkway plan

DKS’s John Bosket helped develop the draft plan to help mitigate congestion.

Grey Means Go: Signing for Colorblind Travelers

DKS’s Brian Chandler, National Director for Transportation Safety, explores color vision deficiency in transportation.

Grey Means Go: Colorblindness in Transportation

DKS’s Brian Chandler writes about colorblindness in transportation.

DKS Provides Expertise in Transportation Grants

We are excited to share with you, our colleagues, clients, and friends, DKS projects from our perspective. We work on interesting but defining projects in our communities and this is our opportunity to highlight some of the unique aspects of this important work.