Smart Mobility

The future of transportation will be shaped by a connected, automated, shared, and electrified environment, and is coming faster than most people think.

Smart mobility solutions provide better services to the public at lower cost using technologies that span the building, energy, water, and transportation environments. Our approach to smart mobility includes:

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Public & Private Partnerships

We help public agencies, corporations, tech companies, and start-ups plan for a new mobility future.

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Big Data Analytics

With new modeling and analysis tools, we use big data to better inform decision making.

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Design Construction & Administration

We apply our unique expertise to the design and construction of smart mobility solutions.

What is Smart Mobility?

The transportation industry is poised for transformational change. As automation and electrified vehicle technologies rapidly advance, our vehicles are becoming connected to each other and to the world around them.

Smart Vehicles

Vehicles are becoming more connected, automated, shared, and electric. Emerging vehicle technology and design approaches will shape our roads, communities, and daily lives.

DKS Smart Mobility Services

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Electric Vehicle (EV)

Urban transportation is in the early stages of a fundamental transformation with the acceleration in smart mobility. Vehicle electrification and shared mobility are at the forefront of this transformation. Cities are analyzing, planning, and designing the locations for the EV charging stations by investing in zero-emission vehicle sharing

DKS EV Services

Smart Mobility Tools

Today, the abundance of movement data enables in-depth transportation network analysis. DKS helps our clients make informed decisions through a data-driven process using tools such as DB4IoT by Moonshadow Mobile. Eventually, the availability of ubiquitous data will feed transportation models enabling robust citywide modeling based on real travel behaviors.


Smart Mobility Benefits

DKS is at the forefront of applying smart mobility solutions because we recognize these solutions can significantly improve safety, quality of life, mobility, and the environment.

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Smart Mobility Resources

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