VTA Transportation Technology Plan ITS

The Transportation Technology Plan focused on emerging technology and sought to redefine a path for Santa Clara County as a leader in technology and innovation, embracing technology for multi-modal mobility options.

The Need

  • Emerging transportation technologies, new business models, and new mobility options are transforming transportation systems across the country changing the way that we think about traveling. These innovations can help communities achieve their safety, mobility and environmental goals, but it can be challenging to keep up with the rapid pace of change. Agencies must plan new strategies to ensure transportation technology, and mobility solutions fit the communities vision.

Our Solution

  • The outcome of this plan is five recommended strategies that will enable VTA, and the partner agencies achieve the safety, mobility and equity goals.
    • Develop a multi-agency data sharing environment
    • Establish a new mobility services program
    • Improve and connect regional network communications infrastructure
    • Enhance existing transportation technology systems
    • Emphasize public-private partnerships to implement the plan

The Outcome

  • The SCVTA Transportation Technology Strategic Plan (TTSP) provides recommendations that will enable VTA and its agency partners to be at the forefront of new mobility solutions. The TTSP establishes a shared vision for the region and provides VTA a plan with specific actions they can take today.

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