News--Embeded-PTV-Award-SRSRSJThis presentation covered how multi-resolution modeling with PTV Vision software was used to support the final design of two BRT systems in a cost-effective manner. Sai and Randy presented two examples that looked at the pros and cons of the methodologies applied, unique design and operational treatments, and various traffic and transit operational performance measures used to evaluate the treatments. The multi-resolution models were used to analyze specific design treatments, such as transit signal priority, business access transit lanes, queue jumps, mixed flow traffic, on-street parking, station operations, pedestrian signals, and a roundabout. Sai and Randy produced 3D visualizations that proved to be an invaluable aid in presenting technical design and operation details to public and stakeholder groups. Multi-resolution modeling ultimately allowed DKS to streamline model development, produce confident results, and aided in the successful delivery of two BRT design projects.