Sound Transit Seattle Central Link Light Rail

Trains travel station-to-station without stopping and with minimal disruption to signal coordination.

Quick Facts

  • Sound Transit’s Central Link LRT runs from downtown Seattle to the Tukwila/International Boulevard station

  • Includes 28 crossings controlled by signals

  • Includes 3 crossings controlled by signals and gates


  • Today, after testing and vendor modifications to the software, the trains travel station-to-station without stopping and provide minimal disruption to the signal coordination

Our Work

  • Served as the prime traffic engineering consultant for all segments of LRT

  • Performed operational analysis

  • Performed design of pedestrian crossings for all roadway and trackways, including final design of pedestrian signals and active warning signs

  • Identified the placement of and designed automobile and light rail vehicle traffic signals for all at-grade rail crossings

  • Prepared final design plans for signing and channelization, fiber optic connections to each traffic signal, multiple CCTV cameras, and traffic control

  • Developed the priority system requirements used by the traffic signal controller to progress a train through the traffic signal without stopping

  • Helped to facilitate an evaluation of traffic signal controller technology to determine which product met the operational needs of the corridor

  • Provided construction oversight services

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