Sound Transit Tacoma Link Light Rail

Connects riders to downtown, the UofW campus, the Tacoma Dome and the regional transit system.

Quick Facts

  • Sound Transit’s Tacoma Link LRT serves downtown Tacoma, the University of Washington campus, the Tacoma Dome arena, Sounder Commuter Rail, and regional bus park-and-ride patrons

  • Includes 15 at-grade crossings


  • Improves safety within a mix-flow traffic environment with 15 at-grade crossings

  • Minimizes transit delay and improves operations in downtown urban area

Our Work

  • Performed final traffic engineering analysis and design services

  • Used a Basis of Traffic Engineering Design Report concept to address several unique elements of traffic engineering design due to downtown Tacoma’s mixed-flow, at-grade crossing environment

  • Prepared PS&E for 15 traffic signals with at-grade LRT crossings, traffic signing and striping, and construction traffic control plans

  • Created specifications for the traffic signal controller software to provide LRT priority in complex urban environment

  • Worked with the City of Tacoma and Sound Transit to develop the cascading train detection system used for priority operations

  • Prepared final coordination and priority signal timing for the corridor and assisted with fine-tuning train operations

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