At DKS, we’re committed to Shaping a Smarter Transportation Experience through effective transportation solutions. We are dedicated to supporting that vision through discussions of emerging technologies and new ideas.

DKS Uses New Regional INRIX Vehicle Data with Moonshadow Mobile DB4IoT Platform

DKS is working with Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council (RTC) conducting a Regional Origin-Destination (OD) Study to understand regional travel patterns and help inform future transportation decisions in Clark County, Washington. Studying regional origin-destination behavior is critical in understanding the big picture travel patterns of where people really need to go – not what road they happen to be on … Read more

Pasadena’s First Two-Way Protected Bike Lane

A project which has slowly been pedaling through funding and design stages will be at center stage tonight when Pasadena’s Department of Transportation hosts a public meeting to gather input from residents to guide finalizing the plan.

40 Predictions for the Future of Transportation

  Follow us each week on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to see how many of these predictions ring true,how many surprise you, and which ones could happen much sooner than many of us were expecting! #DKS40PREDICTIONS                                                 … Read more

Meet the Experts Behind Our 40 Predictions Campaign

  Our team of experts are DKS transportation leaders who are at the forefront of what is happening in the evolving space of smart cities and smart mobility. They have been elected to national committees, and serve on boards dedicated to the advancement in this space. They have established networks of key professionals across the country, won awards, published articles, … Read more

Reser Center plans get city approval

Beaverton Planning Commission clears $46 million arts center named for Patricia Reser and $6.8 million parking garage next to it.

Innovating and Managing Transit in the Era of New Mobility

On November 14, 2018, Meeting of the Minds hosted a free, live webinar featuring Adrian Pearmine of DKS Associates and AJ O’Connor of TriMet.

Randy McCourt Receives DJC Icon Award

Congratulations to Randy McCourt for being a recipient of the DJC’s Icon award. This award honors the local building industry’s long-time leaders that have shaped the future of construction, architecture, engineering and related industries in the region.