At DKS, we’re committed to Shaping a Smarter Transportation Experience through effective transportation solutions. We are dedicated to supporting that vision through discussions of emerging technologies and new ideas.

Councilors get shot at transportation feedback

Corvallis Councilor, City Engineer and DKS’ John Bosket discuss the city’s transportation system plan update at an open house at the Public Works Department.

DKS hires Tom Williams as Transportation Planning Practice Leader

Tom Williams joins DKS as the Texas Transportation Planning Practice Leader bringing 30 years of experience in transportation modeling, urban planning, and project management. His background includes travel modeling and GIS, demographic forecasting, data collection, systems design, transportation planning, policy planning, training, teaching, project management, and business management. He has developed several regional, sub-regional, freight forecasting, and statewide transportation and … Read more

Brian Chandler joins DKS as Director of Transportation Safety

Brian Chandler joins DKS as the Director of Transportation Safety. In this role he will be developing and growing DKS’s already established Transportation Safety Services, reaffirming DKS’s commitment to safety. He will use his real-world experience in roadway safety engineering, safety management, and data analysis to help clients reduce the number and severity of transportation-related crashes in their jurisdictions. Brian … Read more

Strong turnout at the Corvallis transportation plan forum

DKS provides technical and consulting services to the city of Corvallis transportation system plan.

Randy McCourt published in the IMSA Journal

Randy McCourt published in the IMSA Journal on how the MUTCD can best address emerging and current technology.

Cities smart to grow together

DKS highlighted in The Columbian on how cities can use and share IT to better serve citizens.

Mobility is Key to Future of Transportation

DKS highlighted in Inc. Magazine on mobility being the key to the future of transportation.  

Tweaking traffic in tech-savvy times

Drivers in cities who encounter a new sign prohibiting a left turn or a roundabout or a motor vehicle diverter might be able to blame navigation apps for that obstacle. Tweaking traffic in tech-savvy times