At DKS, we’re committed to Shaping a Smarter Transportation Experience through effective transportation solutions. We are dedicated to supporting that vision through discussions of emerging technologies and new ideas.

Brian Chandler Achieves New RSP Level 2 Certifications

Brian Chandler, National Director for Transportation Safety at DKS, achieved the Road Safety Professional (RSP) Level 2 certification in both infrastructure and behavioral specialties. He is currently one of four individuals to have passed Level 2 exams in both safety areas. This exam and certification were developed by the Transportation Professional Certification Board (TPCB)—the same organization that administers the Professional … Read more

City of Estacada receives award for active transportation plan

The city of Estacada received a $134,000 grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation to create a full-length active transportation plan and did so in collaboration with DKS Associates and local public and technical advisory committees.

DKS is Proud to Announce the Appointment of Our Newest Principals

Learn more about our newest principals:  Wintana Miller joined DKS in 2007 and is the Seattle Group Manager. As a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer and a Professional Engineer licensed in Washington state, Wintana has extensive experience as a traffic engineering designer and transportation modeler specializing in transit and traffic operation, travel demand forecasting, and feasibility analysis for transit route improvements. … Read more

How Next-Gen Mobile Networks Will Transform Transportation Infrastructure

Adrian Pearmine addresses how our highways and transportation ecosystems will transform as driverless cars begin to communicate, analyze and operate on their own.

Jim Peters’ take on how electric vehicles can save the planet

Jim Peters presented at Ignite, hosted by the Technology Association of Oregon, on the topic, ‘Can electric vehicles save the planet?’ Each presenter gave a 5-minute, thought-provoking talk related to technology and their professional/personal passions. You can check out what Jim had to say here: