The City of Tampa’s Platt/Cleveland One-way Pair Buffered Bike Lanes project won a 2015 Planning and Design Award from Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization. As the City’s first ever separated green bike lane, this project is significant by creating a new model for cycling infrastructure and safer streets. The project included door zones adjacent to bike lane and green pavement markings within the bike lane to enhance safety for bicyclists. These streets will now serve all users by better balancing the needs for automobiles, transit service, bicycles and pedestrians.

DKS led the corridor evaluation for both Platt and Cleveland streets to identify the traffic impacts of converting one vehicle travel lane to a buffered bike lane with parallel on-street parking. DKS reviewed alternative concepts for the new buffered bike lane to determine which striping plan would provide the safest and most efficient operation for all transportation modes. DKS tested the corridors for various lane configurations, signal phasings and timings (including coordination) using a Synchro/Sim Traffic model. Renderings and conceptual design plans were presented to neighborhood groups prior to completing final plans. Once the bikeway configuration was selected, DKS assisted City staff in fine-tuning the striping and signage plans, which were implemented on both streets as part of resurfacing projects.