With 20 years of experience, Adrian Pearmine has joined DKS to focus on smart cities and connected vehicle technology. Based on his experience in intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and systems engineering for transit and transportation projects, Adrian will work with government agencies and private corporations to help explore options and make sound decisions to build a transformative future in today’s ever-changing world of transportation.
The implementation of the suite of technologies known as Connected Vehicles has become mainstream and will continue to be embraced by the traveling public. Vehicle connectivity is standard on many newer model vehicles and the after-market industry is providing connectivity solutions for older fleets. Adrian will work with city and state departments of transportation to help integrate autonomous vehicles and advanced roadway and communication technologies.
“Working with DKS helps me to envision a future filled with innovation and technological advances that make our cities livable and our transportation networks smart, safe, and reliable.” Adrian can be reached at adrian.pearmine@dksassociates.com.