Transportation Engineering

DKS’s core transportation engineering services involve traffic signal systems. From signal design to timing, synchronization, transit signal priority, adaptive traffic signals, assessment of traffic signal control systems, and signal testing, DKS provides comprehensive services and technical expertise to agencies. DKS is a leader in creative transportation engineering and has implemented some of the most successful transit signal priority systems in the US. 

DKS develops innovative LED street lighting solutions for communities where the system’s design and construction cost is often recouped by the community’s savings in operational costs. Our staff has authored and contributed to key industry resources, including parking generation, shared parking, the Traffic Control Device Handbook, the Traffic Engineering Handbook and the FHWA Adaptive Traffic Signal Guide to Implementation.

“DKS is by far the best consulting firm our agency has used for signal timing. There have been no close second place firms.” — Jim Larson, Ada County Highway District

“DKS went above and beyond the scope to meet the expectations of the County on this project.” — Giri Jeedigunta, Palm Beach County Florida