FDOT District 4 Traffic Signal Timing

Increases travel speeds and reduces fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

Quick Facts

  • Conducted traffic signal retiming studies and developed optimized traffic signal progression timing plans for selected corridors in Martin County and Palm Beach County, Florida

  • Includes 56 intersections spread across four corridors in Martin County and 73 intersections in Palm Beach County along five corridors


  • Increases travel speeds and reduces fuel consumption and vehicle emissions

  • Reduces vehicle delays and fuel consumption; when converted into monetary savings, the project’s benefit results in approximately $17.5 million over three years, representing a 50 to 1 benefit-to-cost ratio

Our Work

  • Field-verified existing lane configurations, intersection geometry and current traffic signal phasing for all intersections in the network

  • Collected link speeds by performing floating car travel time and delay surveys using Tru-Traffic software

  • Recorded actual speeds of vehicular traffic between intersections to improve the accuracy of the modeling process

  • Geo-referenced all signal locations in Synchro models using the appropriate geographic coordination system

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