Seattle First Hill Streetcar

Unique design improves streetcar operations and increases pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Quick Facts

  • Provided innovative traffic analyses, modeling, and traffic engineering design services for this multimodal corridor

  • 2.5 mile streetcar serving First Hill and Capitol Hill neighborhoods

  • One-mile, two-way protected cycle track on east side of Broadway

  • 45 street blocks and 45 intersections


  • Creates a safe multimodal corridor

  • Improves streetcar operations while reducing impacts on autos, bus, bicycles, parking, pedestrians and businesses

  • Attracts more cyclists by creating an innovative cycle track design that ensures safety and integrates pedestrians, bicycles, and the streetcar

  • Provides safe and efficient access to properties and businesses

  • Will minimize transit delay, increase ridership and reduce collisions while providing access to properties and businesses

Our Work

  • Lead traffic engineer

  • Developed cycle track alternatives

  • Used Synchro and Vissim to model and evaluate auto, bus, and streetcar operations and select preferred alternative

  • Designed 27 existing and 4 new traffic signals, including modifications to existing signal spans and vehicle heads to accommodate new streetcar catenary system

  • Designed dedicated bicycle signals and bicycle detection

  • Designed transit signal priority to improve streetcar operations

  • Designed traffic signal phasing, lighting, signing, striping, and channelization to improve operations and safety

  • Designed interconnect plans to communicate between streetcar and traffic signal systems

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