Santa Clara County VTA LRT Efficiency Study

Improves efficiency and accommodates major events at 49ers Levi's Stadium.

Quick Facts

  • Developed and designed physical and operational improvements for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority’s LRT project


  • Improves efficiency across the network and accommodates the new San Francisco 49ers Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara and the BART extension to Berryessa, which will open in 2016

  • Provides train storage before and after major events at Levi’s Stadium and faster patron dispersal after events

  • Maintains a high level of auto and LRT safety and efficiency at critical locations

Our Work

  • Analyzed and designed improvements to the LRT and other transit signal priority systems

  • Assessed the impacts of improvements on traffic operations and LRT patronage and developed bike and pedestrian accessibility improvements to the LRT stations

  • Provided traffic operations analysis for 13 alternative improvements in the downtown San Jose area to accommodate revisions to LRT train routes and schedules to allow new routes to be instituted once the BART extension is opened and increase the capacity on some sections by expanding the operation of three-car trains

  • Developed a new traffic signal priority system that was integrated with a new train signaling system to accommodate a new pocket track between two important intersections

  • Designed modifications to signal preemption on the Central Expressway to accommodate duplication of the LRT tracks through an at-grade crossing with a new operation and train signaling system

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