Salem Downtown Mobility Plan

Enhances economic development & improves multimodal connectivity to, from, and within downtown.

Quick Facts

  • Plan was an outcome of Salem’s Downtown Strategic Action Plan, which identifies the need to improve transportation circulation and accessibility in the downtown for pedestrians, bicycles, and transit without significantly impacting motor vehicle and freight traffic

  • Study encompasses 80 intersections


  • Enhances redevelopment in downtown Salem

  • Improves bicycle connectivity and safety to, from and within downtown

  • Addresses street circulation and access for the north downtown redevelopment area

  • Identifies pedestrian safety and circulation improvements at intersections with closed crosswalks or dual turn lanes

  • Recommends one-way to two-way conversions on Court, State, Cottage, High, and Church streets

  • Recommends family friendly bicycle connectivity, pedestrian safety, and circulation improvements

  • Recommends immediate short-term implementable improvements that will inform medium- and long-term improvements

Our Work

  • Led traffic engineering

  • Evaluated range of multimodal transportation issues affecting downtown, including circulation, access, and safety

  • Conducted multimodal safety evaluation of pedestrians, bikes, transit, and motor vehicles within downtown critical to identifying existing gaps and deficiencies

  • Recommended short-, medium-, and long-term transportation improvements based on a two-tiered analysis and stakeholder input

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