Sacramento EV Implementation Blueprint

Supporting expanding access to zero-emissions mobility by the public.

Quick Facts

  • Developed pathways to achieve the City of Sacramento’s EV Strategy goal of 75,000 Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) by 2025 consistent with state goals

  • Identified financially-sustainable EV programs to ensure that public spending on EVs and EV infrastructure balances charging demands, advances new technologies, and incentivizes EV rider trips


  • Led to the City of Sacramento winning $1.8 million in Phase 2 funding from the California Energy Commission for the implementation of the EV Blueprint, one of only four projects statewide that was funded

  • Developed charging infrastructure siting tools based on travel behavior analysis

Our Work

  • Prepared a public charging prioritization plan and recommended EV charging infrastructure upgrades to optimize access to charging infrastructure by the public with particular focus on benefits to low-income populations and disadvantaged communities

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