ODOT All Road Transportation Safety (ARTS) Systemic Improvement Project

This project followed the HSM Roadway Safety Management Process that included network screening, diagnosis, selecting countermeasures, economic appraisal, project prioritization, and safety effectiveness evaluation for all five ODOT regions.


  • DKS facilitated kick-off meetings for local agencies, ODOT, and tribal stakeholders in each of the five ODOT regions to present region specific crash trends.

  • DKS prepared prioritization lists showing the documented safety history, expected improvement benefits from the HSM, and the estimated improvement cost.

  • Benefit/cost ratios were calculated and used to prioritize the projects within the region.


  • Identified which rural projects would be defined as High Risk Rural roads, prepared the final HSIP report for ODOT and presented the findings to stakeholders.

  • DKS used Google Fusion Tables and GIS mapping to analyze the collision data and identify the key high-collision corridors in each region.

  • DKS identified over 300 projects with safety countermeasures that have a proven track record of reducing fatal and serious injury crashes.


  • DKS conducted the data analysis based on the most recent five years of crash data to help select engineeringbased systemic countermeasures proven to reduce fatal and serious injuries.

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