ODOT Region 1 Economic Corridors Study

Aligns constrained investment priorities with economic growth strategies.

Quick Facts

  • Study identifies, prioritizes, and evaluates corridors serving regionally significant industrial areas to increase the efficiency of Portland’s regional transportation system and support future economic growth since the region’s economy is highly dependent on the efficient movement of freight


  • The resulting data provides regional stakeholders with information that can help align constrained transportation investment priorities with economic growth strategies

Our Work

  • Assessed manufacturing and wholesale trade land use inventories and future growth forecasts to identify regionally significant industrial areas

  • Evaluated travel patterns to identify key regional economic corridors that carry the most goods and serve the most industrial employees

  • Assessed the performance of these key economic corridors against performance measures that align with industrial needs, including duration of congestion and travel time reliability

  • Mined freeway loop data and INRIX traffic speeds to quantify the relationships between mean travel speeds and speed reliability to build a tool that can help estimate travel time reliability performance measures in the future

  • Developed a generalized function to post-process travel demand model data and estimate regional corridor travel time variability

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