Metro SW Corridor Refinement

Provides multimodal travel options that link residents to communities throughout the region.

Quick Facts

  • The SW Corridor study area includes downtown Portland, Tigard, Tualatin and Sherwood

  • Population is growing as more people choose to live, work and play in this part of the region

  • The transit system is taxed; the roads are congested and unreliable

  • People walking and bicycling face unsafe conditions


  • The SW Corridor Plan will result in improved travel time reliability, multimodal transportation choices, improved safety, and a high-capacity transit (HCT) system that links residents to communities throughout the region

Our Work

  • Served as lead traffic engineer responsible for developing transportation plan for SW Corridor

  • Worked with Metro, ODOT, TriMet, and local agencies

  • Provided transportation system network data, travel pattern summaries, and operations data to develop alternatives for multimodal improvements

  • Considered operational strategies to accommodate the HCT system and manage future congestion

  • Provided detailed operations analysis to help refine the HCT design alternatives prior to the DEIS process

  • Developed multimodal performance measures for the corridor

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