ITD Highway Safety Corridor Analysis

Prioritizes safety improvement spending on projects where fatalities and injuries will be greatly reduced.

Quick Facts

  • Cost-effective safety study that encompasses 5,000 miles of roadway across six districts in Idaho


  • Helps ITD understand and prioritize spending on safety improvement projects that will result in the greatest reduction of fatalities and injuries

  • Helps ITD communicate with stakeholders and the public-at-large about its systematic and data-driven approach to prioritizing safety improvement projects

  • Identifies high-priority improvement locations due to limited available funding

  • Helps to reduce the number and severity of crashes along highways across the state

Our Work

  • Implemented an innovative, efficient, and cost-effective data-driven program to analyze roadway safety across the state

  • Developed a”safety health score” using five years of crash records and traffic volumes to narrow down over 5,000 miles to 1,100 miles of priority improvement segments

  • Identified 111 specific locations within the priority segments where the density and severity of crashes are the greatest

  • Identified high-priority locations needing safety improvements and evaluated and prioritized potential improvements

  • Developed crash countermeasures for each priority location by examining the crash causes, the roadway characteristics, and the human response characteristics using the Human Factors Guidelines

  • Used Highway Safety Manual to estimate the potential annual reduction in the number and severity of crashes

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