South San Francisco EV Charging Station Master Plan

Provides guidance for citywide EV charger placement for fleet, employee, and public use.

Quick Facts

  • EV Charging Station Master Plan provides guidance for siting EV chargers for city fleet vehicles and for public charging at city-owned properties

  • Developed a hierarchy of priorities based on logistical, economic, technical, and political considerations to guide site selection, as well as a timeline to phase deployment of EV chargers throughout the city, which more than doubles the number of EV chargers

  • Allows city employees to use the city’s chargers to charge commuting and ridesharing vehicles


  • Helped city win $1.5 million of in-kind contributions from multiple third-party EV charger providers allowing the city to achieve its vehicle electrification goals for a fraction of the infrastructure investment and realize a return equal to 15 times its investment in consulting services and infrastructure costs

  • Proactive charging infrastructure planning addressing existing and anticipated needs resulted in full charging infrastructure deployment, well ahead of schedule

  • Evaluated electric vehicle alternatives to select city’s fleets

Our Work

  • Conducted the needs assessment, defined alternatives, and developed the plan to electrify nearly all of the city’s worksites and public facilities

  • Prepared a roadmap to meet the City of South San Francisco’s vehicle electrification goals for city-operated EVs

  • Researched potential funding opportunities and secured in-kind contributions of EV chargers for city fleet and public charging locations

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