East Bay Greenway Concept & Design

Connects diverse communities with public transit, parks, schools, trails and community destinations.

Quick Facts

  • The 12-mile East Bay Greenway bicycle and pedestrian pathway extends from Oakland to Hayward underneath the elevated Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) tracks


  • Provides new Class 1 and Class 2 bike facilities between the cities of Oakland, San Leandro and Hayward along the existing Union Pacific Rail right of way and beneath the elevated portions of the BART line

  • Connects diverse, low-income communities with public transit, parks, schools, bike trails and other community destinations

  • Provides surrounding neighborhoods needed access to recreational facilities, improving public health and community pride

Our Work

  • Provided traffic engineering services

  • Performed evaluation of trail crossings, bicycle paths, transit operations, and intersection service levels

  • Provided concept assessment of bridge structure crossings of roads and creeks

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