City of Spokane Grand Boulevard Complete Street Plan, WA

Creates a multimodal corridor to improve community safety and livability.

Quick Facts

  • Eight block major corridor on the South Hill connecting downtown Spokane to the historic neighborhoods

  • Diverse uses with unique corridor needs – middle school, commercial center, transit route, single and multi-family homes

  • Safety concerns with frequent pedestrian crossings and multi-lane street


  • Reduces vehicle lanes and adds pedestrian, bicycle and landscaping to the street to improve safety

  • Provides enhanced pedestrian crossings at three key locations to serve school and commercial center

  • Supports community economic development goals

Our Work

  • Corridor cross-section alternatives developed to balance the needs for walking, biking and driving

  • Strong community engagement with over 160 participants to shape the plan

  • Short-term and long-term improvement plan promoted implementation and expanded funding options

  • Transportation recommendations integrated with economic development and zoning assessment

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