Seattle EV Supply Equipment Assessment

Provides guidance for municipal fleet electrification.

Quick Facts

  • Assisted in converting the city’s 4,100 vehicle motor pool to an all-electric fleet by planning charging infrastructure in 136 locations including 11 garages, five warehouses, and several campuses


  • Helped implement the city’s Climate Action and Green Fleet Action Plans as part of the city’s Drive Clean Seattle initiative to reduce GHG emissions 50% by 2025

  • Guided installation of 400 chargers at multiple municipal facilities to power light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles

  • Saved the city $77M (33%) through strategic use of charging solutions including charger sharing, load management, and strategic infrastructure siting

Our Work

  • Assessed the city’s existing facilities and charging needs

  • Assessed the EV market and charging technology innovations resulting in detailed charging strategy recommendations

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