Church Street/High Street Buffered Bike Lanes

Encourages all levels of cyclists and improves bicycle safety and mobility in downtown Salem, OR. 

Quick Facts

  • DKS led the Central Salem Mobility study for the City of Salem that recommended removing a travel lane and replacing with a buffered bike lane

  • Buffered bike lanes provide low stress environment for bicycle uses

  • Church and High Street are core north/south downtown streets

  • Vehicle operations was not impacted by traffic/bike lane conversion


  • Improves connectivity and promotes bicycle use in downtown Salem

  • Provides desirable buffered bicycle lanes on two parallel streets, one in each travel direction without impacting motor vehicle capacity

  • Buffer areas between parking and vehicle traffic provide comfort to cyclists

Our Work

  • Supported Family Friendly Bikeways by developing pedestrian safety and circulation improvements at intersections with closed crosswalks or double turn lanes

  • Improved bicycle connectivity at selected locations

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