Bellevue Downtown Multimodal Plan

Improves bicycle and pedestrian circulation within and through Bellevue's downtown core.

Quick Facts

  • Includes update of the Downtown Bellevue Transportation Plan and revisions and updates to the set of projects, policies and strategies for downtown transportation in 2030


  • Identifies proposed capital improvements for incorporation into Bellevue’s Capital Improvement Plan

  • Includes cost estimates and assesses potential off-peak and on-street parking

Our Work

  • Led a team of five firms

  • Created alternatives, provided technical assistance on forecasts and simulation, and prepared an evaluation of pedestrian, bicycle, auto, and transit vehicle operations

  • Evaluated travel demand forecasts to identify shifts in travel patterns and forecasted increases in travel by mode

  • Evaluated pedestrian and bicycle facility improvements to determine short- and long-term strategies and potential projects to improve bicycle and pedestrian mobility within the downtown core

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