Arterial Insights

Arterial Insights is an online tool to measure the performance of traffic corridors and signalized intersections using connected vehicle (CV) data from tens of millions of vehicles.

Arterial Insights provides easy-to-understand data and automated traffic signal performance measures without installing new infrastructure and is the first corridor performance tool that uses data from multiple CV sources. DKS has partnered with Moonshadow Mobile using connected vehicle data to measure the performance of traffic corridors and signalized intersections. With Arterial Insights, traffic engineers have access to detailed corridor performance metrics from their web browser without having to install a single device or conduct a single survey.

Arterial Insights is competitively priced; pricing starts at just $7,500 which means it can be used for small networks and expanded to hundreds of intersections.

Please contact Moonshadow Mobile for information on how to purchase the tool at: or 541.912.5725

“As road operators, we don’t have time to analyze data. We do have time to answer questions. We need to know when something doesn’t look right so we can do something to make it better.”
     ~ Mark Rodgers, Clark County

Arterial Insights The Future of Signal Performance

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