Innovating and Managing Transit in the Era of New Mobility

On November 14, 2018, Meeting of the Minds hosted a free, live webinar featuring Adrian Pearmine of DKS Associates and AJ O’Connor of TriMet.

Randy McCourt Receives DJC Icon Award

Congratulations to Randy McCourt for being a recipient of the DJC’s Icon award. This award honors the local building industry’s long-time leaders that have shaped the future of construction, architecture, engineering and related industries in the region.  

Analyzing Vehicle Movement Data

Current Challenges and Future Promises by Adrian Pearmine with DKS and Eimar Boesjes with Moonshadow Mobile as highlighted in the ITE Journal.

National traffic deaths fall after two years of increases

Brian Chandler weighs in on NHTSA’s release of 2017 national traffic fatality numbers that are down slightly from 2015 and 2016.

DKS and HAAS Alert Announce Partnership

DKS Associates and HAAS Alert announce partnership to aid cities and communities in preventing motorist collisions with emergency vehicles, city crews, utility and roadway operators. DKS and HAAS Alert will work together to facilitate the deployment of life-saving technology for emergency responders, utility crews and other city fleets that employ personnel who perform dangerous operations in the roadway. The partnership … Read more

DKS Highlighted in Half Bay Review

DKS highlighted in Half Moon Bay Review for our work along the Highway 92 corridor between Highway 1 and Main Street in San Mateo County, CA.