Brian Chandler, National Director for Transportation Safety at DKS, achieved the Road Safety Professional (RSP) Level 2 certification in both infrastructure and behavioral specialties. He is currently one of four individuals to have passed Level 2 exams in both safety areas.

This exam and certification were developed by the Transportation Professional Certification Board (TPCB)—the same organization that administers the Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE) and Professional Transportation Planner (PTP) certifications. The goals of the RSP are to recognize road safety as a profession, establish a recognized level of practice and knowledge, and incentivize safety education.

Brian brings 21 years of experience in transportation safety working in State government, Federal government, and the private sector. He uses his real-world experience in roadway safety engineering, safety management, and data analysis to help clients save lives.

DKS is a proud supporter of the Vision Zero Network, a collaborative campaign helping communities eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries. Learn more about DKS’ transportation safety services here: