Our team of experts are DKS transportation leaders who are at the forefront of what is happening in the evolving space of smart cities and smart mobility. They have been elected to national committees, and serve on boards dedicated to the advancement in this space. They have established networks of key professionals across the country, won awards, published articles, authored Federal guidelines and white papers, and presented to national and local audiences, and government officials. And they are dedicated to smart solutions because they recognize the role they have in significantly improving our safety, quality of life, mobility, and the environment.

We gathered our group of experts and asked each of them to give us their best predictions, based on what they’ve heard, read, researched, and presented about, in their areas of expertise. The result was more than 120 ideas about how the transportation industry will change the way we live and move. Then, those were narrowed down to the top 40 predictions, based on their impact, relevance, and appeal.



Jim Peters, PE
National Director of Transportation Technology



Adrian Pearmine
National Director of Smart Cities and Connected Vehicles



Mike Usen, AICP
National Director of Electric Vehicle Charging Services



Elliot Hubbard
Regional Manager for Smart Cities and Connected Vehicles



Tom Williams, AICP
Senior Planner for New Mobility



Kenny Chao
Regional Director of Transportation Technology



Brian Chandler, PE
Director of Transportation Safety



Lacy Brown, PhD, PE
Transportation Engineer



Dennis Mitchell, PE
Senior ITS Transportation Engineer



Vikram Dogra, PE
Director of Business Strategy