DKS Associates and HAAS Alert announce partnership to aid cities and communities in preventing motorist collisions with emergency vehicles, city crews, utility and roadway operators.

DKS and HAAS Alert will work together to facilitate the deployment of life-saving technology for emergency responders, utility crews and other city fleets that employ personnel who perform dangerous operations in the roadway. The partnership leverages DKS’s vast experience in providing transportation safety solutions through planning, engineering, smart mobility and implementation services with HAAS Alert’s real-time awareness of responding emergency vehicles and municipal fleets to aid drivers and autonomous vehicles in making safer, smarter driving decisions.

DKS is a leading provider of professional consulting services helping clients implement scalable technology, IoT, traffic management and infrastructure solutions to meet the growing challenges of smart (connected) cities. HAAS Alert provides road safety critical information in the form of real-time digital alerts to warn motorists when emergency crews and road services operators are nearby, on-scene and at high risk in the field.

“Increasing the safety of emergency responders, road operators and motorists is our main priority,” said Cory Hohs, CEO of HAAS Alert. “DKS has a proven track record of working with cities, municipal Public Works departments and State DOTs, and will be a great partner in educating and helping them deploy simple, cost effective solutions aimed at saving lives.”

“HAAS Alert’s public safety platform for connecting city agencies with connected and autonomous vehicles is the perfect complement to the suite of emerging transportation solutions our customers look to us to provide,” said Adrian Pearmine, National Director of Smart Cities and Connected Vehicles for DKS Associates. “Our clients, our peers and our own team often put themselves in harm’s way when designing and overseeing construction of transportation improvements. HAAS Alert’s Connected Vehicle technology provides life-saving traveler information, while also improving safety for motorists and reducing congestion on our roadways,” said Pearmine.