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DKS Associates and iSoftStone North America announced a new partnership to join efforts in offering new services that integrate DKS’s intelligent transportation offerings with iSoftStone’s smart city solutions.

This collaboration provides the public and private sector with comprehensive, end-to-end services across the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) domain.

The combined technology and service offerings will initially focus on helping government entities benefit from data driven, next generation transportation planning and engineering.  Moving forward, DKS and iSoftStone will leverage their combined global experience to develop innovative products and services that support customers in the emerging smart cities space in North America. This will be accomplished by offering innovative solutions spanning a variety of related areas, including: leading edge civic technologies, transportation engineering, Internet of Things, wireless telecommunications and business intelligence. Together, the companies will demonstrate how advanced data, ITS technologies and smart city solutions can be used to reduce congestion, keep travelers safe, protect the environment, respond to climate change, connect underserved communities, and support economic vitality.

“Our collaboration with DKS provides us with more than three decades of extensive transportation and technology subject matter expertise,” said iSoftStone North America’s Director of Smart Cities, Greta Knappenberger. “Combined with iSoftStone’s position as an award winning leader in global smart city solution development, our joint offerings will provide unmatched capabilities to our customers in the Smart City space,” she said.

According to the US Census Bureau, cities with a population of 50,000 or more account for more than 80 percent of the United States population, yet less than 3.5 percent of overall landmass. Crowded urban centers are projected to continue their rapid growth, placing high demands on outdated and overburdened transportation infrastructure. With this unprecedented urbanization movement, cities around the world are faced with the challenge of building new technical capabilities to accommodate this reality.

“This partnership will allow our firms to focus on what we do best: to deliver more comprehensive solutions to our clients,” said DKS’s National Director of Smart Cities and Connected Vehicles, Adrian Pearmine. “The ever-changing environment in transportation is increasingly richer in both mobility options and in data availability. Collectively, we have already started building the tools that allow our cities to harvest, analyze and visualize this data; to deliver Smart Cities solutions to our citizens. And this is just the beginning. iSoftStone’s international experience in systems integration of smart cities solutions open doors for complete service delivery that we are excited to leverage,” he said.

DKS and iSoftStone also announced a new packaged solution offering, to provide a more agile, data-driven approach to transportation planning and investment decisions. Combining process consulting, engineering expertise, and new data-related technologies, the hosted solutions combine existing data, sensor feeds, and untapped external information sources into a consolidated analytics portal with interactive data-discovery tools. These systems allow transportation planners to provide more effective, measurable decision making based on real time information and analysis, in support of the constantly changing requirements faced by modern cities. This new offering will be debuting at the GCTC Transportation Workshop in Portland, Oregon on Feb. 1 and 2. (